is a six-piece, hard-driving bluegrass band, performing original tunes and off-the-beaten-path standards, with a focus on the duet singing of husband-and-wife pair Geoff and Christina Union.  Award-winning instrumental work, a powerful rhythmic drive, uptempo arrangements and edgy, outsider songwriting are the marks of their style... more

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Check out our YellowScene Magazine Interview from 10.28.14 with editor Brett Callwood

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Autumn Leaves 

           The leaves are on the ground, “summertime is falling down,” and we got the urge for…picking some bluegrass!! Jordan, Christina and I had a blast in England –intense week-long tour where we had the privilege of sharing our music with folks in Box, Bath, Frodsham, Leeds, and Lancaster. The audiences seemed to really love the music, the venues were fantastic, we made lots of new friends and even got to drive on the wrong side of the road! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go back there next year!           
           Meanwhile back in Colorado, we’ll be back in the studio mid-November to continue work on the Ragged Union album, and we have some fun shows coming up in the weeks ahead, including a Halloween Hoedown with Tyler Grant’s Grant Farm in Denver. See the schedule for showtimes and details. Visit us on Facebook, help us spread the word and hopefully we’ll see you in person sometime!