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Bluegrass Today    

October 3, 2022,

by Lee Zimmerman

Festival favorites Ragged Union have acquired a stellar reputation courtesy of ongoing appearances throughout the US and as far afield as China and the UK. Three albums on, they’ve reaped recognition on both celestial and satellite radio, while making their mark on the various streaming services as well...more

Denver Folklore Center 

November 9, 2022 by Pam Metz

If you haven’t heard of Ragged Union, you are in for a real treat! The band is made up of founder Geoff Union (guitar, vocals), Elio Schiavo (mandolin, vocals), Rebekah Durham (fiddle, vocals) and Matt Thomas (bass). Ragged Union has gone through some changes over the years, but this latest incarnation feels and sounds more than just right on their new album Round Feet, Chrome Smile...more

Denver Westword   

October 19, 2022     

by Nick Hutchinson

Bluegrass flatpicker and standout songwriter Geoff Union never gives up. Despite lineup changes in his band and a variety of pandemic-related setbacks, Union keeps on playing his down-home music...more



Rock n Reel Magazine (UK)

January 2023

by Steve Caseman

Round Feet, Chrome Smile is contemporary bluegrass, country-informed, intelligent, impeccably delivered, and with the kind of jaw-dropping masterclass qualities for which bluegrass musicians seem to possess and uncanny facility…more

Glide Magazine 

August 2, 2022

Today Glide is excited to premiere the video for the standout track “Somebody Call the Doctor.’ The song hits with a warm and lively feeling right out of the gate courtesy of a healthy dose of fiddle. Vocally and lyrically, Geoff Union seems to be channeling Danny Barnes with his loose and playful singing style...more


Previous Press

• Shawn Underwood,
"Ragged Union is a great example of a group that keeps refreshing that genre (bluegrass) and Time Captain will appeal to old and new alike."

• Lloyd Brown, Fatea Magazine
When bluegrass is played right, it impossible to resist the allure of that mountain music sound; and Ragged Union get it oh so right."

• Kevin Bourke, R2 Magazine
A scorching live proposition"

• Ron Thomason, Dry Branch Fire Squad, High Mountain Hay Fever Fest
             " Ragged Union’s Hard Row to Hoe has the distinction of its title being the only text on the project that pays homage to the bluegrass originals of yesteryear.  But text is the operative word here.  This is your grandfather’s bluegrass music but not his lyrics or subject matter.  These tunes are “traditional” in their approach and in RU’s presentation, but the subject matter of the lyrics is wholly modern; that is, they deal with modern angst, problems, even fixations in both a literal and metaphorical way.  And this is the crux:  that’s entirely different than how bluegrass music has been “updated” to date.  It is beyond appropriate; it is fresh and innovative while preserving through their instruments the things one likes about bluegrass music.  I’m too old for this—which is how it should be." 

• Ken Seaman / Mid-Winter Bluegrass Festival
            “Ragged Union is a powerful new group that has all the essential elements of a great band – top-notch musicians, original material, tight harmonies and blistering instrumentals!”

• Pete Wernick, Hot Rize
             "Geoff and Christina can really blend their voices, and their band adds fresh and crisp support. This is well-played Colorado bluegrass!"
• Charles R Humphrey III
             "Lead vocalists Geoff and Christina Union have surrounded themselves with some of Colorado's finest acoustic musicians on their latest cd Ragged Union "Hard Row To Hoe."  The Album is a thick and easy Georgia wind on an August afternoon.  Grab a glass of sweet tea, settle back on the front porch swing and enjoy the tunes!" Time Captain Review December 2017
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